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Parkside is a well-established firm specializing in condominium corporation Management

Your COmmunity,

Our commitment


We aim to build on our strengths and continue to add value by taking action on our clients’ feedback on what serves them best

parkside property management

A team of experienced, committed and professional individuals working together to ensure your communities immediate and future needs are accurately planned for utilizing a series of software, systems and processes to get the job done right.

Property Managers

Your dedicated manager will handle and oversee the day to day operations concerning your community


Your financials are managed accurately and on time with direct input and oversight from our team of accountants


We take a proactive approach to ensure small and major repairs are completed on time, using an extensive list of verified vendors


Our Administrators handle a wide range of roles to ensure efficient management and delivery of crucial items

big changes are coming 

An everchanging industry, with increasingly complex pressures. Is your current management solution prepared for what’s to come? 

we are.

years in business

properties managed


Why we are different

Parkside has undergone a recent change in ownership.

Property management has long been a fragmented industry, with dated solutions to increasingly complex issues, we are rapidly implementing change suited for the needs of properties, homeowners, and boards of today

We intend to provide real value add to our current and prospective clients. A fresh perspective, with emphasis on client experience, technology implementation, and proactive care. We intend to set a new standard for our local markets.


to all the board members

Thank you for your voluntary commitment to making your community better.

Without you, properties would deteriorate, rules would be broken, homeowners would be unhappy.

We acknowledge the level of care you have put into your community and understand our role as a complementary partner to simply get things done.